The History of the Company

William Reeve csc,B.a                       Bowyer Profile.


William Reeve began building self-bows in 1983. The wood from most of his bows then was cut from trees in Eugenia Ontario, Canada. William hunted White Tail Deer for many years over the Beaver Valley in Ontario with bows of White Ash and arrows of Sitka Spruce from British Columbia. One year while shooting a documentary movie on South Georgia Island in the Sub-Antarctic he hunted Reindeer from a heard of 3,500 strong for food when the meat ran out on the expedition. The bow he used was a self-made, spliced; take down longbow version from a Eugenia White Ash stave. For a brief period William fell in favor of high tech archery and began shooting Compound and Cam Bows with string peep sites and site pins, whisker biscuits, and trigger release. After learning how deadly accurate archery “machinery” can be, William experienced a revelation in his life. He discovered that he had lost the primitive, instinctive shooting capability that is embedded in every human being’s mind. Part of the primitive form of archery he once loved so passionately was now gone from hunting. William hung up the machinery and began re-training his mind to shoot instinctively and build self-bows once again. In later years he began building fine Osage Orange longbows and laminated longbows from self-made jigs and presses; maintaining a commitment to never put a site pin on a bow again.


He has recently moved the business and bow making shop of EUGENIA CUSTOM BOWS from Germany to Ontario Canada. William’s commitment is to build a unique, one of a kind bow, for every customer based on the client’s physical characteristics, aesthetic and creative values.